Our Story

In the late summer of 2003, a small group of people began to get excited about the dream of planting a new church in the Longview-Kelso area. With a common passion for Jesus Christ and a common desire to share His gospel of faith, hope, and love, we began to take small steps toward that dream. As we did so, we found God already there ahead of us, leading the way and opening doors for us to pass. Others began to come alongside, some encouraging us and others feeling called to join us. So, here we are, together embarking on a faith journey, excited and challenged and often overwhelmed ... but mostly feeling a deep sense of gratitude that God loves us and an awareness of the immeasurable privilege of being asked to serve Him.

Our Name

We believe that the human race and the universe in which we live came into existence by a creative act of a personal, loving God. Although man once knew God and lived in relationship with Him, our rebellion against Him has resulted in a broken world of broken people. Although we still have the imprint of Him on our hearts, we find ourselves distant from Him and incapable of putting all of the pieces back together again. The chasm that separates us from God is deep, gouged out by the torrential downpour of our sin. What did God do? He built a bridge. It was a costly bridge, built with the bloodstained timbers of a cross upon which His precious Son, Jesus, hung and died. The means by which we might cross over is simply this ... faith.